Chelsfield A Community Archive
News and events
Chelsfield Parochial Notes by Arthur Thomas Waring of Woodlands has now been uploaded to the website. The book in two volumes was written c 1912 and draws on a rich tapestry of material in the manorial documents and the parish chest. An introduction and links to the document can be found here. Chelsfield Local History group meets in the Brass Crosby Room at 10.30am on Thursday 30th January 2020.
St Martins Church Chelsfield held a successful Heritage Open Day on 22 September 2019, where historic documents, vestments and other items from the church’s long heritage were exhibited. The Community Archive put on a display about the proposed development of Hewitts Farm (now Chelsfield Lakes Golf course) in the late 1980s. It was planned to build a huge regional shopping centre on the site (think Bluewater) but fortunately the Planning Inspector was convinced that the Greenbelt should be preserved. The Orpington History Organisation are promoting a new book by Tom Yeeles and Phil Waller: Lost Orpington and Around. Printed by Amberley and available from local bookshops.
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