The village has supported a number of shops over the years, although sadly none now remain. Bob Hogben, a lifelong Chelsfield resident, shares his recollection of the village shops, and his experiences working as a delivery boy. To hear Bob’s recollections click on the play button below. In living memory there have been two bakeries, one at Crosshall, and one in the High Street, The Old Bakery. The story of the two bakeries is told here. There is also a full account by Carol Margetts, a now deceased Chelsfield resident, which can be found in our Sources section. These ladies are outside Smallwoods bakery at Crosshall. Picture courtesy of Bob Hogben The Post office also served as a sweet shop where the schoolchildren could spend their pocket money. There was a general store, “Neals”, and before that known as Thompsons. Apparently in its really early days this was another hostelry – an inn called the Eleven Cricketers. The store sold everything, “from a tin tack to an ocean going liner” as the local saying went. The photograph shows the garden at the rear of the shop. And at Rounds, there was a builder, Mr Smith, who put on his black hat to become the village undertaker when necessary. The workshop is on the right.
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Chelsfield Shops
From the Phiip Lane Collection
From the Philip Lane Collection
From the Philip Lane Collection
Chelsfield High Street with local children c 1920
Philip Lane Collection
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